Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I mowed down the last pea sprouts

I mowed off the last of the pea sprouts for my salad today, surprise, surprise! They went great with chopped up ham and cheese doused in a little balsamic vinegar. Simple, tasty and I'm full.
I still have some stuff left from my last Door to Door box and expecting a new one. The new one will have more veggies than fruit this time.
I've noticed, since doing the somersizing that I'm not eating as much fruit as I used to. On level 1, which I'm trying really hard to adhere to, you can only have fruit on an empty stomach. This means first thing in the morning or 3 hours after a meal, then you have to wait the alloted time for the next meal afterwards. So, if I want fruit for a snack it only happens in the afternoon - at work - if I've had an early lunch - and I remember to pack some. This is not often. So my fruit sits. Also, Bananas are funky so I was really just waiting for the green to disappear and I will be freezing them for desperate banana custard attacks before bed time.

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