Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm adding more ~ing - some more!

This post is a little different because I'm talking about something that inspires me - not related to food. Not too long ago I was introduced to an amazing lady, Gabrielle Bernstein. Ok, so not in person but her book was recommended and it spoke to me. Then I looked at her website, watched some of her lectures and followed her on Facebook and just feel more and more inspired by her. And I relate to her!
If you're curious go here: ~ing chapter 1 and download chapter one of her book (in PDF).
So, she has started a book club on, the website she has put out there, and each month is going to post about a chapter. I'm fairly excited about this because although I got her book, read it and have done exercises from almost every chapter, I'm left feeling like I can't do it. Or maybe that I can't do it right.
For instance, the forgiveness chapter was great and I definitely did several meditations to forgive people, including myself, for the bad stuff and felt quite a bit better. Then I thought I was done. I didn't have 30 people that needed forgiving in my life and moved on. Similar actions in each of the other chapters.  Also, I didn't do the physical activities like I should - dabbled is a generous description of my dedication to them.

So, I fully intend to follow along now with the book club and see if having a little help from Gabby and the group will make me (feel) more successful with this journey. It sucks to feel disappointed in myself for not being dedicated enough to something that really inspires me.

So, if you read this and you think you might want to give it a try - let me know! 

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