Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cinnamon Raisin Bread (Bob's Redmill mix)

Good morning!
Yesterday I made cinnamon raisin bread in my bread maker. If you don't have a bread maker for your gf bread- go get one NOW! Cuisinart brand - I'd recommend. 

This was cuisi's first bread and I want to be the kind of girl who can set it and forget it, but I'm not. I was checking on it and making sure it was doing it right! And, control freak that I am, I had to take a spatula and jab at the dough to make sure it all got mixed in right.
We all think it turned out good. Barfy cat had to have the first bite, naturally so I gave her a bit and she l.o.v.e.d. it. She pretty much goes nutsy for any gf baking I do. No idea why. I mean, she will beg for a gf muffin with more desperation than for steak.  It's pretty obvs God picked her out special for me.
I ate a huge chunk right out of the pan smeared with butter. It was good!  Today, I'm going to toast some and see if it lives up to my memories of cinnaraisin toast.
In all fairness, I will admit. I've never liked bread and I couldn't tell you if any gf kind is really tasty or not, because I still don't really enjoy bread. I'll eat it and I know if it's bad, but mediocre isn't going to raise flags with me.
So, I called my mom and dad and offered them some, if they'd come to my house for a visit. And sure enough, they showed up! I toasted some for them - on the stove! Yeah, I don't own a toaster and tell you the truth - it's faster and easier to just throw the bread or whatever in a non-stick skillet on the stove.  Then you can butter the first toasted side (while the other toasts) without burning your fingers! *tips from Cocoa's lazy kitchen*

I'm off to have some breakfast now :)


  1. Hey, You failed to mention whether your mom and dad liked the bread! :)
    My good friend just went gluten free so I'll recommend this to her!

  2. They liked it too, of course :) Tell your friend if she needs any help or resources, let me know. I have a handful of blogs I (actually) follow regularly and a couple newsletters I get by email that are super helpful for finding regular brands at the store, that are safe. When you first go GF, it's overwhelming to sift through all the stuff and thinking you have to special order stuff. I remember - it was nuts!