Saturday, July 17, 2010

Somer Enchiladas

After an especially sweet breakfast of canteloupe and raspberries (drool, drool!!), I got brave and ready to fire up the oven and decided to make Suzanne's enchiladas.  It was surprisingly easy and fairly tasty, although I'd skip the tomato paste and go for something know cuz of my boat load of tomatoes.

So, the egg crepes were much faster and easier to make this second time. I used a smaller pan and a pour-able container rather than the ladle. Much better!

Cooked the sausages and rolled them up with onions and cheese...

Baked and done!

Would I do it again? No. Why? because I'm lazy that way. I'd have just made the crepes and put them on a plate with the stuff and covered it with sauce.
Should you try this anyway? Yes! Why? Because it was a yummy dinner and presented nicely if you're cooking for a group.

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