Friday, July 2, 2010

Rotten fruit, but not bad apples

These looked great at the store but after a couple days on my shelf there were 5 very moldy and rotten Cuties in there! Sadly, this is par for the fruit I get at the Walmart by my house. Things are often rotten 24-48 hours after I get them home. 
Interestingly, I've had much better luck with the Wally's by my parents' house.  Sometimes I even stock up over there and have had things last a week before they look questionable.
Just goes to show ya, you gotta shop around!
Door to Door also failed me with these peaches that were molding from the inside out. But, for all the great produce I've gotten from them so far, I'm still on board. I just sent them an email and they credited my account for them, just like that.
So much love to Door to Door!
And on a freakish note, there is an apple in my fridge that has been there since before Easter that is still ok. What's that about?

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