Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mocha oats

We tried something different yesterday. Mocha overnight oats. Yes, my very own creation. Would I recommend? mmmmaybe.
The concoction: 1/3 cup oats, 1 Tbl cocoa powder, 1 tsp decaf coffee granules, 4 scoops of plain non-fat yogurt.
On the side: fresh mango and strawberries. I even ate some of the mango skin!! I'd recommend.  The flesh is almost tart and the skin is so sweet.
Overall the oats were not bad, not great.  I think I've decided to quit the fat free yogurt overnight oats. They leave a weird taste in my mouth all day until I eat something completely saturated in onions and garlic.
When I made them with the naturals coffee yogurt - so good! Creamy & Addictive!
So until I move to Phase 2 of Somersizing - no more oats :( unless I get brave and cook them.

I won't bore you with pictures of the tuna salad or the cooked pepperoni and cheese salad again. Cuz I'm nice that way!  ;)

So, I'm thinking about trying something new with the blog. For fun and entertainment (mostly mine). So, if you hate it let me know! As with most things in my life I'm sure it won't last long anyway.


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