Monday, December 19, 2011

There's a shot glass in my salad

I have a super thrifty lunch packing idea for you today!
So, we all know how if you put your dressing on your salad and pack it for lunch later how soggy your greens will get, right?  They make wonderful little containers with special compartments for salad dressing, but I have to admit - it's a little more than I want to spend and often they don't fit well in the dishwasher.

So the other day, I thought - why not use a shot glass to hold the dressing?  It was easy peasy and I knew exactly how many ounces of dressing I had.  As you can see, I basically just put it in my container then put the salad in around it, slapped on the top and it kept until lunch time.  So good!  The shot glass is also dishwasher safe so easy clean up to boot!

I also have to share about my darling friend at work who brings in goodies every holiday.  Her thing is really baking - she is a mad cake decorator.  But, being gluten free of course I can't have cakes.

But, the sweetheart she is, she started bringing me peanut brittle! And it is magical!  She also made me fudge a couple years ago, which was even better.  I'm hoping for more of that one day :)

She did share something with me though - a friend of hers has kids who are gluten, nut and dairy free yet she feeds them Oreo cookies.  Now,I'm not here to judge but I had to say that I hate it when people do that! Dawn thought Oreos are gluten/nut/dairy free - assuming that this woman who grills everyone on what is being fed to her kids wouldn't stray from those restrictions. Obviously, I told her that if she ever brought me Oreos as a treat, I'd promptly freak out and she should be sure to slap some sense into her friend who was either lying to the world or unwittingly poisoning her kids on a regular basis.

*jumping off the soap box* 

Back to the point - what kind of lunch box tips do you have?