Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cookies and Ice Cream

 The other day on my way home from work...ok it was my birthday...I decided I needed sugary goodness.
 When I got home, I checked to see which would be the least offensive points-wise...Udi's chocolate chip cookies (which I vowed never to buy again after the last package that was $6 of yuckiness but the memories of past yumminess overruled that...and I'm not necessarily glad. They aren't as good as I remember them being - recipe change, perhaps? but I digress...) or Breyer's coffee ice cream.
3 points for a teeny tiny cookie (remember I'm only getting 22 points per day here) or 4 points for 1/2 cup of ice cream. I will always choose the ice cream in the future. 1 cookie is pitiful, 1/2 cup of ice cream in a small bowl looks filling. In my opinion :)
In other news, the cheese addict in me found out that 1 Tablespoon of shredded parmesean cheese = 0 points! If you have 2 Tablespoons it's 1 point I guess you can only have 1 at a time!
a small hot chick salad is 0 points - that pretty much rocks!
So, what are your cravings and make -up meals?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot Chick salad aka a pound of spinach

So, I read this book and I would recommend it.  It got some mixed reviews - lots of haters out there. But the general philosophy is worth checking out. Plus, it's pretty funny and uplifting. Every single girl everywhere should read it.

And of course after a day of eating nothing but cookies, ice cream and Fritos, I had to have my pound of spinach with a ton of Parmesean cheese, Balsamic Vinegar and NO EVOO!! As prescribed in the book.
It was delicious.
So, you'll notice me incorporating more of their tips into my rotation. 
Like how to build a salad (chapter 2) and 10 things that are secretly magic (page 51).
Have you read this book? I know it's old...but sometimes old advice is good advice. Let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Do you use dehydrated chopped onions?

I got a container of dried chopped onions a while back for a recipe that I never even tried. Since then, I've been wondering what to do with them and then...
I was making a little salmon salad from canned salmon, mayo, salt and pepper and it needed something else.
So, I put in a bunch of the onions. It was great! Since they were still dry the distracted me from the fact that there were a few little bones in that salmons till (which I hear is good for you to eat - high calcium and all). The next day (of course there were leftovers!) the onions had soaked up some of the liquid and the flavor had melded so nice!
I'd highly recommend this little recipe - then let it sit in the fridge for a while before you serve.
Good stuff!
Don't forget to put a bunch of spinach in your sandwich too. Even better!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fake Restaurant Food

I was thinking about things GF that restaurants serve and how easy it is to do at home. So here are a few things I did.  What are your favorite restaurant meals?

Tuna spring rolls $3 per person 2 WW points per roll.
Yes I used canned tuna (it was ok). Thai Kitchen makes 2 yummy sauces - mango and sweet red chili, they go great in shot glasses for easy dipping!
I love them with carrots (shredded or baby), green onions or scallions and avocado.

$3-4 per person. Ever notice how a salad seems better at a restaurant? I think it's because they make them fancy/pretty. I've started buying pre-washed organic greens ($3 for a tub that serves generously 4, conservatively 6), baby carrots ($3 for 16 z bag), tomatoes ($3 for 4 romas) and sweet peas ($2.50 9 oz bag). 5 minute salad, baby! Add cheese, nuts, fruit etc...pretty soon you're stuffed gourmet style at a fraction of the cost and time.  0 WW points

Pizza always seems fancier at a restaurant too. I threw some baby spinach on my $8 Amy's GF cheese pizza and it was lovely (I may have toasted it a little too long though). Serves 2, 10 WW points each.

I like to think I make a good argument for not eating out. Between waiting 15 - 45 minutes for a table...10 minutes to get your drinks and another 20 to get your food, given they don't make any mistakes or take a longer can easily eat at home, cheaper, cleaner and faster. The only draw back is that you have to clean up after...and that's what paper plates are for, ya?
Also, you know what you're eating for sure without having to grill a wait person or chef for ingredients. Whether you're watching food allergies, high blood pressure or your calories, it's a pain worth eliminating - in my humble opinion.
What are your tips for an easy meal?