Saturday, October 17, 2015

What companies have gluten free wine?

I was reading an interesting discussion in a Celiac forum about people having a gluten reaction to some kinds of wine.  

I won't go into all the details here but the basic concern is that some wine is fermented and/or aged in barrels sealed with wheat paste, potentially contaminating it with gluten. The other side of the coin is that wine is filtered before bottling to remove contaminates.

So, I did a little research because I figure, better safe than sorry.  Also, if there are companies who are specifically conscious and caring toward those of us with Celiac and willing to supply unquestionably gluten free wine, I want to know who they are!

Here are my results based on wines that I wanted to try:

Frey Vineyards is one that specifically states that their wines are gluten free (and vegan!) on their website here:

Fish Eye Winery advises us to check with our doctor (this rubs me the wrong way, how would my Dr. know Fish Eye's production practices?!?)

Then, I took to email for a couple brands that interested me, here are their responses...

Pepperwood Grove (

Thank you for reaching out to us. Given the nature of our winemaking, we cannot guarantee that any of our wines are gluten free. I doubt that our wines have gluten in them due to our limited use of oak barrels. If there were to be any in the wine, it would end up being filtered out. However, our winemakers do not guarantee our wines to be entirely gluten free. Thank you.
 Assistant Brand Manager, Foundation Wine Collection
Don Sebastiani & Sons
Nexux Wine Brands (, I was specifically interested in Cara Mia Pinot Noir:
Thank you for the following. The wines are fermented and held after fermentation in Stainless steel. No barrel aging.

These wines do not carry any sort of gluten free certification. 

Thank you.

Nexus Brands, LLC

I hope this helps you, if you're also looking to find wines that are committed to gluten free recipes too!