Monday, June 28, 2010

Magic Tuna! Heavenly Mayo!

Not too long ago I was reading a post on gluten free faces and Betty mentioned that all canned tuna had soy in it. So I did a little looking when I was at the store and sure enough - all the tuna had vegetable broth in it, that included soy. A couple weeks ago I mentioned it to my mom and she brought out a can of tuna from her cupboard that was just tuna &water ! My Mom is AMAZING, people! And I think more than a little psychic.
So, I looked for it at my store - not finding it for a couple weeks.  Now, I have acquired my very own and I'm going to share it with you (virtually of course!).
Before I popped open this can, can I emphasize POPPED? It has a pop-top so I'm super excited to have another food I can store at work without having to also tote along a can opener!
back to the story...before I saw the lovely solid chunk of tuna in the can, I had prepared a bowl with Best Foods mayo, seasoned salt and some chopped scallions.  Here's where I mention the heavenly mayo.
Can you read the ingredients? No tongue twisters here, that's why I pay more for it than some of the generic brands. You know, plus the GLUTEN-FREE label that makes me do the happy dance?
So I got my good stuff all mixed up and ate it with a green salad.
The End.

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