Thursday, June 10, 2010

Somersizing - I'm fast and easy

Now, don't roll your eyes but my next dietary endeavor is to follow the Suzanne Somers plan for a while.  How long, you ask? I'm not sure yet. Maybe 2 weeks, maybe the rest of my life. We'll see how it goes!
I had to try those crepes and it piqued my interest and my taste buds enough to go ahead and give Somersizing a shot. I checked out a couple more of her books at the library for more recipes and information and I guess she convinced me that it is a healthy way to eat and might solve some of the health issues I've been having...chronically.
Step 1 is to stand in front of a mirror naked and if all your fat is around the middle it's a sign that your insulin levels are elevated.  The theory is that insulin stores your food as fat when you don't use all the calories you intake so if you separate the food so that your insulin isn't spiked in the presence of fat and protein, you will store less fat. When you eat carbs, insulin is produced but your body will use the carbs for instant engery and no harm, no foul. When you eat protein no insulin is produced, therefore to fat storage.
So, me naked - yes all the roly poly in the middle. 
I really want to rationalize all this away with facts about how my celiac ruined my metabolism...blah blah blah. The fact is, I eat pretty decent but I could do better. And if my metab is all messed up, maybe this can change it!
So, I'm on an adventure - a food combining adventure.
Today wasn't too bad.  I cheated right off because I'm weak and want to finish the food in the fridge rather than toss it out. And maybe have a last hurrah.  So I had an Oikos Greek Yogurt with honey on the bottom. These are little cups of heaven, even though they are fat free - the sugar is off limits so slap me on the wrist!
But, I came right back with Brown Rice pasta and home made tomato sauce ala Magic Bullet for lunch.

In the sauce: 2 roma tomatoes, 1 clove garlic, 1/4 onion (maybe a little more), a shake of basil and oregano and S&P. Zipped it in the MB and zapped it for 2 mins. It was a great lunch! Every instinct told me to toss some Parmesan on top,  but I resisted! I'm well on my way now.

3 hours later, for my snack I had 2 mini dill pickles and a piece of cheese.
Dinner - leftover crepes...I'm going to have to be more creative!

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