Saturday, June 12, 2010

Second day of Somer

Well, I have picked a list of recipes from the Fast and Easy book to try & got all the groceries. It totaled $85.71 for at least month's worth of meals (for me).
Today's menu included none of them!
The day started with and apple and 20 mins later overnight oats made with plain fat free yogurt and a packet of Equal. Interesting thing about Somersizing - she has developed her own "natural" sweetener. 

I'm iffy on it, here's the list of ingredients: inulin, erythritol, fructose, citrus peel extract. Doesn't sound really natural to me.  Now, I didn't research these ingredients any further because I try to only eat stuff that I know what it really is. Is it gluten free? Is there anything else in it that will cause a bad thing to happen to my body?  That said, I know that Equal doesn't bother me in small quantities so that is my fake sugar of choice, for now.

 There was steak and broccoli for lunch.

Then for dinner, I was wiped out from shopping so I threw some frozen veggies in a bowl with some ranch dressing.
That wasn't quite satisfying enough so I snatched some pre-cooked shrimp out of one of the bags, nuked em a bit and tossed them with what was left of the veggies & sauce.

Now, it's time for bed!

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