Sunday, June 13, 2010

Somer day 3 - more steak

I had one more steak for George to grill up in the fridge and thought it would go good with some brussels sprouts for dinner and it did!  I'm actually surprised at how easy this is to do.  I guess I tend to eat the Somers way for the most part except I like to pad my diet with plenty of sugar and caffeine - which are no-nos on this diet!
I do admit - I miss sweets a bit...and when everyone is hitting up Starby's and the only thing I can have is a decaf, fat free latte and only if I don't plan on eating any protein for 3 hours afterwards...painful! But probably good for me!
And in case you're wondering there were overnight oats for breakfast and leftover steak with veggies for lunch - like yesterday. Finally got the fridge cleaned out though!  And I don't feel like having steak for a while now.

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