Saturday, June 26, 2010

SPROUT! as in Pea

I'm happy to report that I finally ate the pea sprouts in a salad. If you're like me and never had them, I'd describe them as tasting slightly stronger than alfalfa sprouts and slightly milder than bean sprouts. They also had an in between texture of the two.  If you've never had any sprouts before...these might be a good kind to try because they were leafier, so more salady I guess.

So, you're probably looking at the picture and thinking "Wow, that's a beeeutiful salad!", right? Here's how I did it:
First, I washed some red leaf lettuce and tore it up. Then I chopped up a cucumber and tomato and washed my pea sprouts and threw some on the lettuce.
Then I used my salad spinner to defrost the pre-cooked jumbo shrimp while I used the Bullet to make the Serrano chili dressing from Suzanne Somers' cookbook.
So, I thought the dressing was ok, some might just looooove it. The shrimp went well with the citrusy and of course, salad was perfect for a 100+ degree day! Especially since I got to do most of it with my hands under running cold water.
Now, I'm going to try and not melt for the rest of the day!

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