Monday, June 14, 2010

S4- Shrimp Scampi

This was my breakfast.  I didn't put together my overnight oats last night so I decided to go savory for breakfast. I am unhappy to report that plain Greek yogurt tastes just like sour cream. Or am I happy to report that? Because it has active cultures in it, so it might be a great substitution for sour cream...and when shopping for sour cream I found all but Daisy brand has mixes of dairy and fillers. So, I had to get full fat Daisy sour cream, which is what I needed.  Now, I'm thinking that if I have carbos meals and want a creamy topping this Greek yogurt will be the way to go.  Plus, yay! good bacteria.
I ran home today at lunch and threw together this shrimp scampi really fast, using pre-cooked shrimp and Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! It was so deliriously good mmmm %)
Since it's so hot out now I shook up some decaf iced tea mix in a jar to make sure I get enough fluid.  Added some lemon juice and 2 (yes 2) packets of Equal.
For a little snack I also brought back with me some cheese and pickles. Mmm.
I'm contemplating what to make for dinner. I'm thinking Suzanne's "green eggs and ham sandwiches", since the "spinach bread" is all that has to be cooked. 
In other news, I ordered another box from Door to Door to be delivered.  I asked for the bitty box this time with a mix of fruit and veggies.  I'm so excited!!
They let me list the things I don't want (funky foods of course) and things I'd prefer to have (like fresh herbs). I feel like a happy kid who knows she's getting something off her birthday list but it's a surprise to find out what!

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