Monday, July 26, 2010


Look what I found, leftover (never even opened!) from my F$ project!! Grits!
What a great snack, with butter and salt.  I have a feeling they will be a staple this week since I'm just not feeling like going to the grocery store.
Related to the anti-grocery week, I'm cleaning out cupboards and fridges.  I found a chunk of fresh mozzarella in the crisper - it was beginning to mold - green! So, I cut off the mold and threw it on a pan with the leftover pepperoni for a "pizza". No crust, unless you count the aluminum foil I lined the pan with...
Just broil it on high until the pepperonis sizzle and the cheese gets bubbly
And finally, the last of a jar of marinara sauce (could be a week old!) and some pasta
Now, I've got to go scratch a mosquito bite and see what else I can dig out for sustenance. See ya!

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