Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'll be at the pool if you need me

Vacations are wonderful, even if your penny pinching employer forces you to take 2 weeks of your PTO at their scheduled convenience just to get it off the books thus always leaving you with a lean 3 days that you hold on to just in case you need a sick day due to swine flu or some such. Ahhh...vacations!
This week is one such forced vacation, and I'm spending it wisely: reading, sunning, lolling about the pool, taking long walks, and possibly camping.
I bought this:

It's for my porta potty to go camping. I'm a city girl, people! I require running water (even if I have to use a plastic pump or a water jug with a spigot) and a private bathroom of my very own. Is that too much to ask?
I don't think the camping will come to fruition though. Too many anomalies. Which is sad, because I really want to get away to the boonies for a while.
Anyway...I'm standing in my kitchen in a skirt that I deemed long enough to call a dress (ahem) for sunning, filling a mason jar with ice and water to go start my new book out on the porch. When Luke alerts me to the fact that we have not had lunch yet (it's well after noon!) So, here's what I throw together:
I call them nibblets, because I'm not french. It's fresh mozzarella with scallions and tomatoes. I ate a few before I thought to take this picture - I'm on vacation and that means my brain too!
And I always buy the pre-cut mozzarella - why not?

Breakfast looked something like this, after I had a sweet organic pear (seriously, grocery produce is not this good!):
Can't see the lumps eh? I tried to make this with the last of the milk and it tasted f.u.n.k.y! I guess not all my experiments can be successful.
George made dinner for me:
What book am I reading, you ask? Why, it's by the most fabulous Jill Connor-Browne who has taught me so much about life and it's called: "American thighs: the Sweet Potato Queens' guide to preserving your assets"

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