Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's for dinner tonight?

It's a weeknight so I'm pretty much looking for quick, satisfying and no dishes
to wash. So, I've grabbed the spinner, cut the stem out of some Bibb lettuce (.40) and
washed it up - time spent - 1 minute. Washed and sauteed some Mushrooms (~1.00) with
basil, garlic, oregano & Extra Virgin Olive Oil (negligible) . Topped it with some ricotta (~.50) and
parmesean (~.25) . Dressed the salad with balsamic vinagrette and a few cherry tomatoes (1.00)
done! Total time - 10 minutes. Cost - apprx $3.15/serving.

Did the usual yogurt and banana breakfast (.75)

Wimped out and had an Amy's Tamale dinner (3.12) for lunch.

Snacks: Diet Pepsi (.60), handful of chocolate chips (~.25), cup of Rice Chex (.30).
Total for the day: $7.57

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