Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good winter food - Day 6 & 7

So, the roast on Day 6 was easy and tasted good - I made it in the crock pot. I love cooking in a crock pot. Especially mine that the inside comes out to go in the dishwasher. There is nothing better than loading up some ingredients in the morning and coming home to the smell of something delicious! When I walked in, garlicky goodness filled the house.

Stew is just one of the best things to come home to on a cold snowy day, like we've had for weeks!

The breakfast Bacon and Potatoes was simple and delicious. I actually saved the grease from my bacon cooking extravaganza a couple days ago so I used a spoonful to fry the potatoes and Onion in, then added the frozen bacon kind of chopped up. Super good - 3 days of leftovers set up in the freezer.
Something interesting about the recipe though, it reminds me of a German Potato Salad recipe I made once. I think that if I had some apple cider vinegar and a couple spices it would be German potato salad. I will have to dig up that recipe and see if I can't put it into permanent rotation too. Now that I know to save the bacon grease for future use - that might be workable on my low- maintenance system too.

As you can tell, my posts are slowing down. As the menus are starting to repeat, I don't want to.

Things I learned:
Save your bacon fat so you can make quick breakfast potatoes (it didn't take much for that nice bacon flavor)
Add more water to the Crockpot if you want it to be more soup/stew because it seems to evaporate
Cut as much fat off the meat first - it ended up kind of greasy because it cooks out and has no where to drip out.

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