Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marinara for 2 days, day 4/5

Yum! I used Tinkyada rice pasta shells instead of spaghetti noodles. Why, you ask? Because I've never mastered the skill of eating spaghetti - I make a huge splashy mess. But, shells and rottini are my handy pastas.
I really enjoyed the Newman's Own Brand Marinara. It's all natural and kind of sweet tasting. It was a nice contrast to the Balsamic dressing I used on the salad.
I was sure to keep some aside (this wasn't hard - it's a huge jar of sauce!) for the meat stufed zucchini the next day.

I have to confess, I did not stuff my Zucchini for this recipe. I chopped it up and stirred it in with everything else because it didn't have seeds to scoop out! I guess I could have made Zucchini topped with beef sauce, too late!
It was delicious though! I have to admit also, that I have had better meals on this f$ than I've made for myself in a very long time. Obviously, someone went to a lot of work to make this menu plan appetizing - for sure! They also know how to use herbs and spices - something I've been slacking on learning. I headed for the fridge to get some parmesean to top it, out of habit, and remembered - nope! None to be had. And I was glad! It was so good, kind of sweet and comforting - strong cheese would have ruined it.

What I'm learning:
How to use spices and what they actually make your food taste like.
Cheese doesn't always make it better ;^)

This is another to add to my regular hits list too. I think that sauteeing the zucchini with everything else until it is soft will work just a nice as baking it and cut the prep time in half, depending on how small you chop the veggies and how high the heat is for the beef. For a fancy meal (like for company), I'd definitely go with the full on stuffed version because I'm sure it's much more impressive. Plus, baking makes the whole house smell good.

Problems I'm having:
I want to cook everything all at once so I can see what it's all like now. I'm not very patient, I know. I haven't ever really done a cooking experiment before and it's getting to be addictive.

Last night, I even dreamt about the menus and cooking the different recipes, Is that weird?

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