Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Instant gf foods

So, this week I'm practically living on instant foods. Since I have a full week of all-day meetings I don't want to take chances on anything that might poison me so here's what I'm eating. No prep time!!:
Breakfast: Yogurt (.50) & a Banana (.69/pound so approx .20)
Lunch: Hormel cooked Chicken breast (1.50), canned veggies -nuked (.50), cheese (1.50/8 oz so ~.46)
Snack: cup of Minute Rice, ready to serve (.90)
Snack: Larabar (1.00)
Dinner: Soup made with chicken broth (.25), frozen veg mix (.25), misc spices, S&P (negligible)

Total: $5.56, for a whole day! Most people spend that much on a morning coffee and doughnut.

Larabars are so delish! They come in many flavors, my faves are Lemon, pecan pie, cashew cookie and ginger snap. I feel like I've had dessert after eating them but really I've had a full serving of nuts and one of fruit - so good!
On a side note, the rice cups are pricey, each package (of 2) comes with a coupon (so far) for $1 off the purchase of 2 packages. I'm finding them for around $2 a package so the coupon makes them less than $1 each for a cup of rice. Such a splurge!! But, I can eat them hot or not, no additions needed bcuz they have a little bit of sunflower oil and salt in them so actually really yummy plain.

I'm also throwing in a box of NutThins for snacks as needed for the entire week - the box was $2.39 for about 90 crackers, give or take. Love them in Cheddar flavor!

So there you go, not expensive not inconvenient, totally healthy and yummy. See you tomorrow :)

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