Friday, February 12, 2010

1 day left to the Food Stamp project!

Tomorrow is my last fridge-purge day before I start my Food Stamp menu project. Today's random goodies?

Have to use up milk so I started by doing my super-instant, no clean up pudding recipe (.75). It's embarassing and if it was for anyone but just me, I'd make it in a bowl but since it's me and I'm going to eat it with a spoon over the next 2 days I just dump the 2 cups of milk in the measuring cup, top it with the pudding mix and whisk it. It is critical to put the pudding mix on the top or the whisk will not be able to stir it all in from the bottom...

The next mash up is chicken (1.50), the last of brussels sprouts and instant mashed potatoes (I used regular milk this time though). Viola! Lunch:

And more chicken (1.50) for dinner, but pickles n cheese too boot. Luv pickles!!

I'd estimate the day at $4.50, if only I could cook chicken I'd save a bundle! These 6 oz packs are $3 and I could get a 3 pound bag of frz for about $6. But, my sanity is worth something, no?

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