Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lunch @ Starbuck's

Silly me, I tried to have lunch at Starbuck's again, it's really not healthy because I always go for thick creamy sugary treats. But, it's my favorite place to meet up with friends because:

1. They are everywhere so that's really convenient
2. I can always get something safe
3. They usually have those cozy seating areas and patio tables for sunny days (of which we have 300 here per year!)
4. The bathrooms are usually clean

My fall back is usually a Soy Chai Latte bc I reason that the soymilk has protein and calcium and the chai has all those antioxidants and spices that are supposed to be good for your innards. So, it's almost a meal and a Venti has about 300 calories so that counts too.

But today I was craving something (let's blame PMS) and went crazy by ordering a Java Chip Frappucino - Grande. I usually ask to see all the ingredients labels, but I was feeling brave and just asked what was in it - "Coffee base (milk sugar and coffee), chocolate chips and ice". Ok, sounds good. I coupled that with a pkg of Lucy's Cinnamon cookies (these have become my favorites) and walked away with a $5.51 sugar rush, 600 calories.

It was worth it too. Yum Yum Yum! And if you're wondering, yes the Java chip Frapp is gf :)

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