Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Instant secret

Above is a picture of the beginning of dinner today...6 brussels sprouts, 2% cheddar and Hormel Turkey Pepperoni slices. Is this unappetizing? I mean, I think it's good but I'm a cheese addict and probably one of 3 people on earth who like plain brussels sprouts more than chips and cookies. I also think a well balanced meal just needs to have more than 3 colors...
and a little more ...I made enough instant potatoes to have leftover tomorrow mmm)....
Here's my secret to instant potatoes and a great travel tip for gf too. I use powdered milk (in packets bc they travel better). I do a 1 part milk powder : 2 parts potato flakes and add hot water until they are the consistency I like. What's so great you ask? Well, no cook time if I'm using hot enough water, like from a coffee maker or even the faucet if you have a high setting on your water heater. They are extra creamy because I'm probably using more milk (less water) than the recipe on the box and it's fat free! No guilt about the butter I dump on. If I've gone lactose intolerant (which happens sometimes) I can drizzle EV Olive Oil on them or sprinkle soy cheese too!
Grand total today? ~$6

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