Saturday, February 13, 2010


It was actually so much fun to go to the store and just pick up exactly what was on the list, no impulse or stocking up on good deals allowed. I got to just groove out to the Justin Timberlake song on the speakers (reason #2 I shop King Sooper's - I luv the music they play. Sometimes it's dance, sometimes oldies - always worth singing along to). I didn't even think about picking up anything impulsive. I think this is the least stress I've had grocery shopping in 3 - 6 years. God bless the gfcfsf food stamp diet!!
I followed the shopping list almost exactly divided by 4 (, and my grand total is: $224.50. I think it's high because buying for 4 is much cheaper than for 1, for example - 1 lb carrots = $1, 2 lbs=$1.57. Also, I did not buy a 12 pound turkey to roast and use for soup and leftovers, instead I subbed out a 1 pound turkey breast but it cost the same. Also, the spices were a hefty portion and prices in Denver are higher in general than other places. Still, $200 for 4 weeks of food is pretty thrifty! I forsee leftovers as well because some stuff just isn't divisible by 4.

Things I wish:
That there was no raw poultry on the menu - that grosses me out and causes the disinfectant wipe parade in my kitchen. But, it is an inexpensive and multi-purpose protein source.

There was going to be dessert. But, I'm also sort of glad because this is going to be much healthier.
Things I wonder:
Why isn't there any fish on the list? It's heart healthy and inexpensive.

Tomorrow - day 1 and a pre-cook day.

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