Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's the weekend :)

Today was an at home, easy day, I was drained from the week long event. I poured half my brain out and we seemed to find some serious solutions, I feel like it was a success!

So, this morning I managed to eat my breakfast (.88) and workout before nap time, LOL. Then had to go to the grocery store for some supplies and library (another of my favorite $ savers, books, mags & even new release or classic movies, the lib!)

Lunch was a bowl of Corn Chex and milk (.86). Real milk because the store was out of my favorite Very Vanilla Silk soy milk :( and an apple leftover from our snack stash this week (I got several apples, oranges and half a bag of Jolly Ranchers free).

Regular milk is good for things like instant potatoes and instant pudding but some how I just can't sub it in on cereal or Chai lattes without feeling a little deprived. But my kitty enjoys the little treat after I'm done :)

Anywho...dinner = leftover fish and veggies from Bonefish and Crystal light (.3)

Grand total today: $2.04. I hope this isn't poke your eyes out boring, but I think it's cool to see that gf isn't expensive at all. What do you think?

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