Friday, February 5, 2010

Bonefish Grill anyone?

Dinner with the work team to celebrate our week and accomplishments instantly went from "where should we eat - let's vote" to "where can Cocoa eat?" when I said, "count me out of 'the Village' I can't eat there - gluten issues." Some part of me was happy, I get to choose and actually go, part of me was sad because I also wanted to go hang out with friends and had to cancel.

So, we went to Bonefish Grill, despite being "expensive", a word that I've never had a grasp of gf or not.

Want to know how it went? It's a good example of why half of my hesitation to eat out is the actual taste of food and service and the other half is actually fear of being poisoned.

So, to sum up my Bonefish experience, which is not unusual for the several times I've been there:

The glass of St. Michelle Riesling was good $7/glass
I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass w/ mango salsa (nothing to write home about), $20 and the Creme Brulee $10

Pro- I can trust that it will be gluten free
Con - may still be raw and despite sending it back will return raw but with more veggies and sauce
Pro - only 1 appetizer is gf so I got to have dessert first (creme brulee but they also have a gf giant ice cream and fudge sauce laden chocolate brownie - YUM!)
Con - the service almost always sucks (one time was ok when it was just 4 of us)
Pro- very friendly lighting (candles on tables)
Con - they use way too much salt and sugar in their foods
Pro- close to where I live/work

Here's the breakdown:
First off, I have to say our waitress was barely worth tipping and I have a feeling she specifically ignored me because I asked for a gluten free menu right off. I ordered a glass of wine at the same time as everyone else, yet my glass of house wine arrived at least 5 minutes after everyone else's various cocktails (there were 10 of us btw). 2 more rounds of drinks were ordered and consumed, which I got food came - fish cold and not flaking at.all. It took 3 tries on my part and 2 of the girl by me to get the waitress' attention (she hovered at the other end of the table), I asked to have it cooked more and it arrived 90 seconds later - still cold and I mean icy - not luke warm, not heating lamp warm - cold. Couldn't get a doggie bag until the girl near me asked for 2! (one for me, thanks sweetie!) I nuked it for 6 minutes when I got home before it was flaky so I know that it was basically raw when they brought it to me - both times.

Don't know if we were charged for the drinks that never came because one really nice guy in our group picked up the entire check. We'll see it on his travel expenses next week, don't worry.

I did enjoy my steamed vegetable medley, the creme brulee was delish and had blueberries on top, which made my day and the mashed potatoes were made with real garlic, not the powder - so good!!

In case you're wondering, the rest of the day was uninteresting food-wise, Apple & yogurt for breakfast ($.75), snacked on mixed nuts, nut thins (free) until Dinner.

Grand total $37.75 for the day of which I paid $.75 (not too shabby!)

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