Monday, February 1, 2010

Rule #1 - only eat things you like

I've spent my life being confused by the FDA's food pyramid, the 4 squares theory and various fad diets. Going gluten free really changed all that for me. I had a complete attitude change: I will only eat things I like that are good for me. The bonus here is that no one will guilt me over it. Who would be mean enough to tell someone with celiac disease that she can't have a handful of chocolates, a goblet of wine or a nice chunk of cheese?

Since this first week of February is a giant 4-day, all-day meeting, I'll be living off some very safe very instant foods and will post tomorrow about how I survive a week of work w/out cooking breaks.

Today, I thought it would be fun to post my list of favorites and things I almost always have on hand. These of course are Rule #1 foods :)

In no particular order:

Mogen David Wine (it's not a guzzling wine, it's a savoring and comforting drink)

Dannon Naturals Yogurt - Coffee flavor (active cultures and a little pick-me up with my calcium)

Organic Bananas (non-organic upset my tummy but these are my friend)

Kroger low sodium, no MSG Chicken Broth (need I explain?)

Semi sweet chocolate Chips (Kroger or Nestle)

Kroger Creamy Peanut Butter (I zap 1 Tbs w/ Chocolate chips for 1 min to cure my cravings)

Fresh and Frozen Spinach (goes with almost everything!)

Kroger frozen stir fry veggies with rice

Hormel cooked meats (lunch meat or turkey pepperoni)

Silk soy milk (great for running out the door breakfast)

Instant Mashed potatoes (Great Value/Walmart brand)

Minute Rice (instant or ready to serve cups)

Tubs of crumbled feta or shredded parmesean cheese


Angus filets

Crystal Light (varied flavors and only the boxes clearly labeled gf)

Obviously, I shop a lot at King Soopers (Kroger) and Walmart. KS because they label and carry a lot of gf products and it's always been my store since I was a kid. I especially love that they have started putting brown tags on the shelves in front of gf items so you can pick them out quick as you zoom by. I've come to tears of joy more than once at dicovering a new group of brown tags in that store!

I shop less than I used to for food at Walmart because they used to label a lot of their Great Value brands gf, then I started finding that ingredients changed on some faves and went from gf to poison so it doesn't make me so happy. Last week I saw Betty Crocker brand gf brownie mixes there and they carry some Amy's brand gf frz meals though, so I still hit the grocery section for staples when I'm in to get my tp and soap.

I don't know if I'll get any followers on this blog, but if you read me, please leave me a comment - nice or mean - so I know. Thanks!

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