Monday, February 15, 2010

F$ Day 2 makin changes

I'm high maintenance, there I admit it. Not that it's a bad thing!
But, when it comes to food I like to be low maintenance. Today they threw in a lunch that required cooking - raw stuff!! I'm not quite up to that challenge since I have a job outside of my home with no kitchen equipment. Thankfully, I had leftover turkey soup (yeah, it's supposed to be for tomorrow) but I'm swapping them.
I can't believe I'm already making changes to this!
So, I've gone through the menu and figured out how to swap dinner leftovers for cooking @ lunch.
Things I wonder:
What if I don't feel like cooking for dinner?
Does this plan assume if you're on food stamps you're not working outside the home? hmmm... I'm sure all the meals are interchangeable, no worries!

Anyway, Day 2 was not bad. I actually feel like it was a lot of food. I got plenty of protein and vegetables and starches. It's good. Not having cheese for the tacos was odd. I love, I mean l.o.v.e. cheese and it is like missing something I can't quite put my finger on. But that's ok.
Changes I'd make:
Use canned refried beans for the tacos
Never plan a lunch that needs actual prep and cooking beyond a microwave

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