Sunday, May 30, 2010

Got a cookbook? Swiss Chard

The other night I ended up spending a very enjoyable couple hours thumbing through my cookbooks. Something I'd never done before. It started with a quest to find a way to prepare swiss chard.  When I was a little girl, we had a garden and had swiss chard growing in it, but it was either a different variety or we picked it and ate it when it was young and tender.
The chard I got in my D2D box were huge leaves with thick stems, so I needed some help!

The Internet had no idea either, so I started digging in all the cookbooks that I never use but had to buy because they were so beautiful! Julia Child had nothing to offer, Betty Crocker was stumped, Better Homes and Gardens could offer no advice. What's a girl to do? Then I saw it. A thin little book with an unappetizing picture of spaghetti bolognese on the front.

I always figured it was the grossest picture to make your appetite plummet before you opened it to find a recipe to make for the diet. And there on page 148, a recipe for sautéed greens and it was perfect!

So, by the time I got home from a birthday party at the park...I was exhausted. Needless to say, cooking wasn't on the top of my druther list but eating was.  Yay for the fridge full of veggies!  So, I diced an onion and some garlic up real quick and threw it in a skillet for a few minutes while I chopped up the swiss chard.  Threw the chard in and had a fairly appetizing pan of greens.  Recipe compliments of an old Weight Watchers Cookbook I found buried under a stack of random recipes in the cupboard.

It also has a roasted root veggie recipe that I think will be great later this weekend for the beets, potatoes & carrots.

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