Friday, May 7, 2010

In a slump

Oh I've been in some kind of cooking slump these last couple days!

I've been mixing it up between Cinnamon Chex, nachos & spinach salads. I fully intend to throw some blackend steaks in the mix tomorrow though!

So...I got these because they were on special and I like to encourage my store to put gf stuff on sale.  They are like no other cracker I've ever known.  They are very nutty/seedy and have an interesting taste to go with the texture. A nutty/seedy taste.  The first couple times I tried them, I was iffy but they grew on me and I took them to work a couple times with cheddar cheese for lunch.
Will I buy them again, you ask? Maybe, someday, but not right now.

I hafta give a shout out to Chex. The cinnamon ones are great! I haven't tried the box of Honey Nut yet, just got them at Walmart!! Anyway, these with my VV Silk have been such a great dinner idea this week. I tossed in a couple nacho nights with Mission Tortilla strips and El Pinto Medium Salsa.  Interesting cheese I got at Walmart - I think it was frozen at some point because it was really crumbly - much like when I buy cheese in bulk and freeze it myself.  It works fine for nachos though, lucky I had the chips, no?

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