Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fake Totino's

Since King Soopers tricked me by dangling Amy's Pizza ads out and then not putting the gf ones on sale I've been dying for pizza.  I won't pay a lot for it though or do a lot of work, aka stirring, to get one. Enter leftover corn tortillas and pasta sauce. My little brain said, "Why don't you put the sauce and cheese on those corn tortillas, they kinda look like crusts." So, I did. And I broiled them on low.

And I luv them! They are like mini pizzas. Hey, they are mini-pizzas!

Then my little brain said, "What if you put them in a muffin pan and make little fake-Totino's?"
So I did that too. 

Well...they tasted the same but the bottoms got soft and the tops got crunchy.  Luv the crunchy not so much the soft - so I'll have to perfect this technique. Perhaps straight-up baking would do better than the broiling? Or should I try turning them over?
I'm open to suggestions!

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