Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My kind of stir fry

I've been feeling so run down lately.  Partly because I haven't been eating enough green stuff and partly because I'm up all night with barfy cat. Lemme tell ya, I don't wanna cook - even more than I usually don't wanna cook. Wah.  So, tonight I stood in front of the fridge visualizing what was in there instead of opening the door and letting out the cold. 
All I could picture was frozen vegetables. Bags and bags of them! 
That meant 1 of 2 things for dinner - vegetable soup or stir fry. I couldn't picture any broth existing in there but I knew there was Minute Rice in the cupboard.

This is my version of fried rice. It's cheap, vegan (w/o eggs) and satisfying without being artery clogging!

Serves 2 for about $2 in 5 minutes.

Buy: 1 bag frozen stir fry veggies $1, minute rice $2 (but that's the whole box!), seasoned salt.

I can't believe I'm writing this up it's so easy!
1. Follow the directions on the rice to cook up about a cup of it.
2. Heat a large skillet or wok. Put rice, veggies and a teaspoon of vegetable oil in it. Sprinkle with seasoned salt and stir until fried.

*optional* I need protein so I often add 2 eggs after the veggies are hot and stir it up fast.  Done!

I actually had energy after I ate this and managed to write before I passed out in bed. *snore*

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