Monday, May 10, 2010

When your breakfast looks like this...

This is what breakfast was like for me last week. I was mainlining as much caffeine as I could. Coffee yogurt with a latte, another latte with a full sugar Pepsi, one day I had 2 lattes, 2 Pepsis and a Diet Coke and still passed out promptly when I got home at about 7 PM.
All I can think is: "What the heck?" So, I decided that I may need more vitamins. Full strength adult vitamins kinda hurt my tumtum so, I decided to try taking children's vitamins since they have lower concentrations and just take 2 at different times of day.

Shopping for them was the hardest part. Have you seen what exists for a vitamin aisle lately?
I remember when you had One-a-Day for Men or Women, Geritol and Flintstones chewables.  Now there are rows of Princess, Disney, Flintstones, Dinosaurs, Cars, gelcaps, solid, tinctures...I was overwhelmed. Until I started reading the ingredients. I was able to weed out most of them immediately due to the fact that the first ingredient was Sorbitol. I can't believe they use that stuff in vitamins. I mean, it's the diarrhea drug! Lucky you just have to turn around to pick up some Imodium....
Which gave me another random thought.  There was almost as many types of laxatives as there were vitamins and just the one kind of anti-diarrheal medicine.  Is everyone but me constipated? This would explain why they all act so stupid and mean, I guess.

So, back to the story. Here are the kind of vitamins that I finally settled on:

They have everything I need but iron, so I guess more spinach and nuts, maybe more beef until I feel 100% again.  I also stopped taking my Zyrtek, in the end I think that's what was causing my severe drowsiness but the vities are so yummy, I'm gonna keep taking em!
Like candy peeps!

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