Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Best Cookbook I own is Vegetarian Betty Crocker

This is the best cookbook I own. If you can find it in the store, get it, even if you're not vegetarian!  It's full of gorgeous recipes and pictures that don't call for much of anything exotic.

True, it is not gluten free, but many of the recipes are, by nature. The others, I have found you can substitute gf grains pretty easily.  Pastas come in gluten free versions that work perfectly instead of wheat.  Quinoa or rice can be substituted in for couscous.  I also think that Suzanne Somer's version of parmesean croutons are a great sub for wheat ones!

I tend to steer clear of any sandwich and pizza recipes since I'm not all about paying for gf bread, or making it myself, for that matter.  But, I could see easily subbing out an Udi's pizza crust or sandwich bread on any of them.

I was flipping through it the other night due to the fridge overflowing with produce and came up with 20 recipes that I want to try, like today.  I could really make them all but that would take about a year. A couple I've made in the past and loved are on the list.  One of them has a very memorable (for me) story.  It's not exactly happy or sad - just memorable. It goes with the Autumn Harvest Salad recipe and involves a bad date with my favorite boyfriend's roommate and one of my best friends drunk on my couch.  Stay posted, it's a doozy. I'll tell you about it when I make this:

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