Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Steaks and Jessica Simpson are a good combo

Yep, George grilled up all 3 of the steaks in that package and I went to town with leftovers.
For lunch: the last of my Greek quinoa and leftover steak, so delish!  Read an article in Allure about Jessica Simpson at the same time.  I just can't help but like her, can you?  She's so real.  And the magazine was real old, that's the problem with subscriptions, they pile up in a corner until I get time to read them. Any hoo..

This is the rice and broccoli with ranch dressing I concocted to accompany my steak for dinner.  It was ok, not fab.  I guess you could say this meal got the job done, protein, green veggie, starches & that's about all I require from a meal.

I'm baking a cake as I write this so tune in later for some eye candy, gf style.

P.S. total: ~$5

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