Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shepard's Pie - Day 21

I promise, it's not burned!! It just looks darker than the nice toastiness that it was.
As far as Shepard's Pie goes, this was not too bad. I dock points because you have to start it on the stove then move it to a baking dish and make the mashed potatoes separately. Then I had much leftover that went into freezer containers for future meals. Too many dishes, so I'm thinking this one hits the cutting room floor as far as future menu planning.

My thoughts:
1. Use instant potatoes for the shepard's pie and leftover meats and veggies to keep the dirty dish count down.
2. I'm going to stock celery more often, it goes so good in things!

One more meal left for me to make - Chili. Do I have to? I don't like regular chili, maybe if I can get some eaters to come over and finish it off for me?
I'm going to go call the parents right now. They like chili and cornbread, I'll just have to invite them over!

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