Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a Chili kind of day - Last of the F$!

Today is a cloudy, cold and dreary kind of day. The rain or snow hasn't started yet. This is the perfect day for a hot bowl of meat and bean chili- just like my mom makes. This recipe called for cumin- I used a little curry powder I had on hand instead. It added a nice twist. Now that my tummy is all full and warm, I feel like taking advantage of the cloudiness and take a nap.

I'm also a little bummed that this will be the last meal post for my F$ project. It was a fun experiment and I'm really glad I did it. Tomorrow, I have a recap planned, so check back to see the good the bad and the bearable.

I'm glad I didn't have to make the chicken nuggets. I just couldn't bear to get out the raw chicken, cut it up, swirl it in eggs and crumbs, and fry it in oil. I'm just too dangerous in the kitchen. The last time I tried frying, I splattered oil all over the ceiling, every appliance and myself. I had to put a cover on the fire and run to a cold shower so I didn't end up with 3rd degree burns!

I know it's a real let down for all of you, my faithful readers, since that was supposed to be the grand finale.

So I'm a bit of a drama queen. My F$ experiment has been completely do-able for any normal (gf) person. I tell you true, I'll finish out the next 5 days on leftovers and return happily to my plain, instant diet though. Even if it's terribly boring because I have a dozen other new projects planned in the coming weeks.

I'll definitely still cook some of these meals, Ratatouille and meat stuffed zucchini were really good and the Newman's pasta sauce was so yummy, it might be worth making the rice pasta to go with it. But others, mostly the poultry, will never see my kitchen again.

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