Saturday, March 6, 2010

I forgot to post the Meatloaf! & my food burning returned

I can't believe I forgot to post the meatloaf! I made this when my cousin was in town and fed it to the family. We all thought it was great! I'm not big on's usually squishy. This recipe was really tasty though. I subbed out an equal measure of cooked rice for the breadcrumbs (remember the bad bread experience from week 1?). I think the rice was what made it. There was more lightness to it and chewy rather than mushy.

This recipe is definitely going on my favorite list. I had to wear rubber gloves to do the hand-mixing so I didn't get it all under my nails, but that made for quick clean up! Also, I didn't get much in the line of leftovers, very disappointing, so I suggest making a double batch and freeze some for later.

I hesitate to tell you about the sausage with onions and peppers because I have to admit I completely charred the onions and peppers and had to shove them in the trash. I considered not mentioning it, but I think the picture gives me away.

I still fed the sausages to my family though and they loved 'em. I wasn't completely psyched about them myself. I hate caraway seeds and they were plentiful, and usually are, in Italian sausage. That's all I have to say about that.

But, there is more...

Looking ahead to next week's menu, I'm afraid I'll have to peter out on this F$. Since chicken is off my plate, so to speak (yeah, I'm witty baby!) and the next week is poultry heavy, I'd have to substitute (more) and somehow it just doesn't feel right. So... I'll try to finish off with what's left and I have a fabulous wrap-up post planned to share about the entire experiment. Stay tuned :)

I'll be back...

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