Monday, March 22, 2010

Cinnamon Chex & Angus = Heavenly!

I just have to start by saying I love Cinnamon Chex with Very Vanilla Silk, morning, noon and night! It is one of those things that has made me very happy this week for $3/box.

Another happy event: beautiful beef at the store.  I can't help it, if they have some gorgeous steaks, I have to buy them no matter the price.  I got some nice Angus beef for about $8/pound, which is really a good price.

Today, George grilled one up for me, nothing on it but a dash of salt and pepper.  I nuked a potato and drizzled on some Catalina dressing (Kraft brand!), couple of carrots too.  It was a lovely dinner.  George never burns my steak, it's juicy and good.  Thanks George!

Daily total ~$5

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