Sunday, March 21, 2010

I can't remember what pasta tastes like

Yes, it is true.  I can't remember what wheat pasta tastes like, and I'm ok with that.  But, I can't give you a true comparison to quinoa pasta.  Eating the quinoa pasta, I have a feeling that it is more like wheat pasta than rice pasta though.
No matter what, I liked it!  Topped with Newman's Marinara (a definite fave from the F$) and some shredded parmesan that I got on manager special (saving $). By the way, you can heat the sauce in the microwave - in the jar! Throw a plastic lid on instead of the cap and shake it to "stir".
I have to say the texture was a little smoother, rice is a little heftier, I think. And it has an almost sweet taste to it.  It's definitely on my regular menu list.

*money saving tip from Mom* save the pasta water to make soup.  I did! This is what it looks like coming out of the fridge:

As it warmed up it got watery, don't worry!  Sadly, I haven't found a replacement broth yet, for soup.  I'll tell you what, the pasta water did just fine.  And the extra starch made my soup heartier. I just dumped in some Italian style frozen veggies, S&P, thyme and basil and it was lunch!

That's my food adventure du jour.

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