Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wrong parent, right cake

It was one of my parents' birthday so I made a blueberry cheesecake with a pecan chocolate crust.  Ok, so there were so many things that happened but at the end of the day there was none left so I don't feel bad at all!

First off, this is not one of my cheapie cheapie recipes, but it's cheaper than buying one out of the freezer or at a bakery.

Second off, I meant to use cherries on top so it would be *chocolate cherry cheesecake* and the angels would sing. But, I had a giant brain fart and dumped the bag of blueberries on top instead. So only the Saints sung.

Third, it is the other parent that loves cheesecake and this birthday parent would have rather had Betty Crocker's Yellow cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top. Oops! I haven't been able to tell them apart, maybe as far back as the first day I spoke - before that no one knew so they can't prove a thing! No, they don't look alike. Anyhoo!

Back to the cheesecake!

To prepare -  spray a glass pie pan with non-stick spray and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours, until it's really nice and cold. Leave it there until Step 2!
Buy cheesecake in a tub (Philadelphia brand is gluten free), a bag of frozen cherries or berries, a couple cups of pecans and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Hopefully you have a pat of butter on hand - if not buy that too.

Step 1: The crust.
Use your Magic Bullet or food processor and chop up some pecans, pretty darn fine! I suggest about 2 cups of whole pecans. My first attempt was 10 seconds too long and I had pecan butter (which was really nummy beeteedub).
Dump in some semi sweet chocolate chips (like 1.5 cups) and a dab of butter.  Then, nuke em until they melt, stirring as needed. Measurements are estimated because it really depends on how thick you want the crust and how big your pan is. As long as it covers the bottom with no see-thru, it's fine.  More to push up the edges is good too!

Step 2:
Take your pie pan out of the fridge and pour in the crust. Use a silicone spatula sprayed lightly with non-stick spray to smooth it on the bottom and up the sides.

Put the pan back in the fridge until the crust is cold and solid.

Step 3: the filling:
Lick off the spatula I mean, rinse off the spatula or use a clean one to scoop out a tub of Philadelphia brand cheesecake filling from the tub and smooth it in the crust.

Then dump a bag of frozen cherries or blueberries, maybe a little of both, on the top. Cover and put it back in the fridge until you're ready to serve.

Step 4: Serving it
Be careful as you cut the crust. It will be easiest if you have a short thin knife as the crust is something like a candy bar and you don't want to crack it or mush up the cake.

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