Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bob's Gluten Free Oats

I've been waiting a long time to try these oats and decided it would be best to when I didn't have anything planned that required leaving the house.  This week I was on vacation to accomplish a bunch of home projects, so it seemed like a good chance.

I miss lumpy oatmeal.  The slightly salty taste and the thick, warm chewy goodness with a sprinkling of brown sugar and a dab of butter.  Just thinking about it makes me happy. So, when I saw these oats in the store I got a little glowy.  They are grown in dedicated fields to avoid the cross contamination that happens with most oats which are grown in fields that are rotated with wheat.  They are also tested to make sure they are not contaminated. It sounds wonderful, no?

So, on Tuesday I cooked up a bunch of oats, tried some pumpkin seeds and a chili recipe.  For 2 days, I had tummy issues.  I was in so much pain it was all I could do to sit up.  So what was the culprit? The last time I had chili, it didn't settle well.  The pumpkin seeds have been questionable in the past. And of course, the oats were new and some celiacs can't tolerate them. These are the trials I go through all the time.

So, today I cooked up more oats to see if they are ok, since I have a couple short days left of my vacation. For some reason, I'm not able to make them lumpy, which makes me sad.  How do you make oatmeal lumps?

Verdict? The oats are all good.

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