Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The best black beans in the world

I made my quick black bean chili and it was gone before I had a chance to take an after picture.  As I was cutting up the onions into the pan my mom and dad dropped in. As soon as it was getting hot my dad, who claimed to have just eaten before they left, was asking how much longer it was going to be! I had to put him off for 6 minutes while I made some Minute Rice to go with it.

No sooner than I put the bowls on the table and turned around to take the picture, it was half gone.  So, you'll just have to imagine how good it looked on your own!  We also discovered that stirring in the rice makes it very burrito-bowly like you'd get at Chipotle. Whee!

Serves 4 - $2.33, 10 minutes

Here's the recipe:

1 can black beans $.56
1 can diced tomatoes & chiles $.46
1/2 medium onion $.50
2 small cloves of garlic (maybe $.05)
1 stalk celery $.07 - I can tell you this for sure because I bought it @ KS and that's what the receipt says.  I think it was $.69/pound
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Squash or tiny mince the garlic & dice the onion and celery fairly small
*optional* sautee them in a medium saucepan sprayed with non-stick spray or drizzled with olive oil until tender
2. Dump in beans and tomatoes and cook until hot
3. Serve with rice, cornbread or corn tortillas as you like.

I'm forever referring this to the magic bean chili! Enjoy! I know we did :)

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  1. I love black bean chili! Yum! I make a version from a 1995 Vegetarian Times that calls for 1/2 c Apple Juice instead of oil, onions, celery, carrots, black beans, vegetable stock, chopped jalapenos and plum tomatoes. Ready in under 30 minutes and so happy making!