Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So much closer to vegetarian!

I made this lovely beef stew and I'm so much closer to vegetarian because of it!

When I opened the packages of meat it was really odd to see the outsides of the pieces be red and the insides brown, shouldn't it be the other way?  Also it was so slimy, I used multiple paper towels to wipe the pieces off before I put them in the pot and half way though the smell started to gag me, literally! I was holding my breath and gagging, alternately.

I washed my hands half a dozen times, sanitized the kitchen with Lysol and still my fingers smelled like that meat. Cooking it to 180 degrees killed anything bad that was growing on it but the smell lingered in my nose for days.

Why do I bring up vegetarian though? Partly, because the only meat I prepare anymore is beef and apparently, if I don't get the $19/pound Angus, I'm going to end up with something that smells like rotting corpse (yes, I see the big duh there! go with me on it) and partly because vegetables never gag me.

Surprise, surprise! Raw meat gives me the heebies.  I'm not one of those people that can handle raw meat and continue cooking and figure they'll clean up everything afterwards.  No, I prepare everything else first, then handle the meat, wash my hands twice and then continue cooking.  Once it's all prepared, I sanitize the kitchen and say a little prayer.
There is a special shelf in the fridge for the raw meat and eggs - nothing else ever goes there.  It gets sanitized regularly too. P.S. I don't let anyone witness this OCD behaviour, further proving my guilt.

Being the logical person I am, I'm 90% of the way to being vegetarian anyway, so I think why not just jump all-in?  I'll tell you why, there's a little voice in the back of my head that thinks I won't get all the nutrients and amino acids I need if I don't eat meat.

4 pounds of meat $12, but not worth it.

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