Saturday, April 3, 2010

I survived DEFCON 1 at work

Every 3 months at work we have what is so lovingly referred to as "end of quarter" and me, my boss and any other lucky member of the team that is in town, sit together in a conference room that is now known as the "war room".  These 2-3 weeks are at best fun, mostly dysfunctional and always running on DEFCON 1 stress levels.
As you can imagine, having 2 - 8 hyped up people in a room can lead to heated debates and low-brow humor fests. Yes, this is what I've been doing for the last 2 weeks.  Laughing at someone who was excited to join Facebook but in 3 months had only been friended once, by his sister (in fairness he was not engaging in FB). Arguing over whether we should enact trade embargoes on other countries and how the healthcare bill will affect each of us. And of course, cursing under our breath about the continuing salary freeze at our company and how the last week of the quarter was not the best time for the CEO to announce that, unless his goal is to have more people quit to lower expenses.

Well, that is all over now and I am taking the next week off to recuperate, recharge and overall just take some time to do things that have been piling up on my to-do list for 6 months. Ahh!

Beginning with  my very neglected blog.

During the past week, my dining has become very uninteresting, but I'll share anyway!

I started by putting some meat and a ton of veggies in the Crock Pot for soup.  And yes, I ate it every day at lunch for 6 days.

Breakfast has been whatever I could grab quick since I ran out of bananas and yogurt, there was no time to go to the store.  I discovered that lowfat cottage cheese and canned peaches make for a nice balanced breakfast.  I had the big tub of cottage cheese - so that got me through the week too.

Dinners were a little more creative, but still dull since I felt dull every night.  I had lovely spinach salads with hummus...
and fried potatoes with eggs.

I also discovered some dried fruit to snack on and I'm in luv with it. the mango is dipped in lime juice and satisfies both my sweet and the sour tooth!

So that was my culinary goodness last week.

This week, since I'm on vacation I'll be trying out a few more adventurous meals and sampling a few new things.  Mostly, I'll be remodeling my bathroom and adding ~ing to my life.

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