Friday, April 16, 2010

Divine Spinach Salads

First off, I have to say I luv spinach salads because you can put anything on them or if you get a nice batch of baby spinach you can eat it plain.  Spinach is a magical food, full of almost every nutrient you need except for protein. It is surprisingly full of water, have you ever noticed how it cooks down to less than half of its volume in a matter of seconds? I luv cooked spinach too.  I'll add it to anything: fried eggs, frittattas, quiche, soups, smoothies, sautéed onions and garlic...the list is long.

So this week, in between doses of cheap meat leftovers I tossed in a spinach salad. I mixed in either parmesan or feta cheese, dried cranberries and balsamic vinegar.

Except for the one I drizzled on Catalina dressing. It was really good too.  Just what I needed to keep my taste buds happy.
So, if you're ever feeling dumpy or just hungry, grab a spinach salad and a copy of "Eat like a hot chick" and you'll see what keeps me so perky!

Tally it up: bagged salad $2, makes 3 salads; Ocean Spray cranberries, 6 oz bag $2.50, makes 6 salads; parmesean cheese $3.50 6 ounces, makes 6 salads; balsamic vinegar, negligible. Per salad: $1.66.

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