Friday, April 9, 2010

Taxes and Hash Browns

Today is my tax day.  To prepare, I made a huge skillet of eggs and hash browns to fuel my brain.
There is something so good about scrambled eggs and hash browns ( ~$1) on a chilly day like today.  We continue to get snow in my neighborhood, which is a little unusual for April in Colorado!

Surprisingly, the taxes weren't so bad.  I used the free filing option on Turbotax and then filed CO online as well, for free. I was trying to figure out if I could take the deduction for gluten free foods related to Celiac disease.  Unfortunately, unless your dental and medical expenses add up to 7.5% of your income, you cannot deduct them.  Well, my entire food budget isn't 7% of my income so that made it a lot quicker.  In order to deduct your gf expenses you need to figure out the difference between the gf food prices and what you might have spent on non-gf versions.  That is a difficult task when you eat mostly vegetables, rice and meat - there's no difference. I suppose a person on minimum wage, eating all gf prepared foods might be eligible.

As a treat afterwards, I had a big mug of Silk Almond Milk.  It has a different, rich taste to it that takes a little getting used to. I would definitely recommend it to someone allergic to soy and dairy.  It was $2.50 at King Soopers.

Ahh, there's something so satisfying about getting everything done!

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