Monday, April 26, 2010

Resuscitation please

Something happened that I never thought could – someone took the wind out of my sails and put a halt to my writing and to my passion to help other people.

This weekend, I was accused of going overboard with my “obsession with food” based on the fact that about 25% of my FaceBook and Twitter posts are about gluten free food or celiac topics and my blog is dedicated to my gluten free lifestyle. I was seriously taken aback and actually hesitated to post interesting things I came across and even to post to my blog! (in fairness my computer virus that killed lappie is mostly to blame for the bloglessness)

First, I thought, “Is this true? Am I in a bad place with food? Am I posting all my crazy on the Internet?” So I did my reality check and counted my posts, considered all the other people with gluten free blogs and asked the people I’m closest to, that would give me a brutally honest opinion.  The general poll results were that I actually rant more about work, politics and religion than I do about food.  That’s another story for another blog though!

It also looks like I’m in pretty good company since there are over  300 gluten free blogs that I could find with a quick Google search and I’m sure many more that are not titled “gluten free”.

So I hesitate to write about this, but just needed to put it out to the Universe and ask: Does anyone else get this kind of criticism and how do you cope?

I feel like we have to share with each other – it helps! When a clueless doctor tells a Celiac to eat Wonder bread instead of whole wheat or tells them they can only eat prepackaged gluten free certified foods that cost more than the mortgage, I’m glad for all the gf blogs and twitters to help them see it's not true! And I hope I’m one of them.
I’ve really spent too much time thinking about this particular criticism and need to get back to work! Help please!

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