Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pub Mix freaks me out

Day 4 of end of quarter...snacks are beginning to appear.  This is one thing that freaks me out the most during these 2 weeks.  If I don't take it on myself to bring lots of gf treats, non-gf treats show up in full force.
Today I came in to find a bag of cookies, 2 gallons of Pub Mix and Starbuck's coffees everywhere.
I'm so glad they are keeping it at the other end of the table. One of the guys told me I'm "paranoid". I'd like to kick him in the nuts every day for 7 years and see how paranoid he gets of that. Instead, I explained that even a couple crumbs of gluten will make me sick for 2 weeks.  Umm yeah, maybe I'm paranoid thinking that the open baggie of cookies and the jug of pub mix might tip over and roll over to me and I might accidentally touch it and stick my fingers in my mouth and get sick. But.I.Don't.Care. Keep that crap away from me. I'm not giving them the stink eye for eating it, I just don't want it set directly in front of me.
As for the Starbuck's...since all the confusion about what is gf and what's not, I'm kind of avoiding them. So, here I sit with a cup full of Lemon Zinger, wishing I could have a sweet macchiato or even a vanilla latte. So sad.  I keep telling myself that all the Starbuck's in the world isn't worth the yucky sick I feel afterwards. 

Just in case you're wondering, my clean diet seems to be working pretty well. I haven't had dairy in weeks, and I don't really miss it. I actually haven't felt ill all week - this is AMAZING! 2 nights ago I had a bad headache and had to go to bed at 7:00 pm, but other than that, pretty good!

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